September 21, 2020

Not a vlog. No talking. Just Bangkok. Pure and unedited.

Oh my god! Seriously, oh my god! I have lived in Bangkok for 21 years and no one, literally no one, has breathed a word about Vachirabenjatas Park. (Also know as ‘Rot Fai Park’). It really is staggeringly beautiful and should be on the top of any list of things to see in Bangkok. And yet, it’s not. How this can be is quite beyond me…This park has some stunning plants and plenty of wildlife. I had no idea herons (that’s what I think they are) could be found in Bangkok! Check out 34:45 and 37:54. Note. This footage will look best on a big screen TV!

I’ll certainly be back to Rot Fai Park for another walk. Today felt hotter than 30°C. The UV was intense. I could literally feel my face cooking. I’m totally the wrong skin color for this climate.

Note. Still waiting for a more stable backpack clip for my wearable gimbal to come in the post. That said, I think the video quality is not bad.

Date: May 14, 2020. (Late morning, Thursday)
Temperature: 30°C / UV Index: Extreme
Equipment: GoPro Hero 8

Feel free to suggest an area in Bangkok for me to walk around.

#RotFaiPark #VachirabenjatasPark #QueenSirikitPark #Bangkok #BangkokLockdown #BangkokUnmasked

Click on the following link to check out more on Walking Around Bangkok videos.


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