September 22, 2020

In this video, I walked around the Lumpini Park (also written as Lumphini Park) during the State of Emergency. I was surprised at how many runners there were. It was a very humid afternoon and I honestly felt quite exhausted just watching some of them. It’s clear that some of the runners are well used to the park, others not so much. A couple of guys looked about ready to drop from a heart attack.

Pretty much most people were wearing face masks and some even face visors. Walking in a face mask in uncomfortable due to the heat and humidity. Running in one seems a thoroughly intolerable idea to me. Most people though were using the face mask to cover their mouth and leaving their nose exposed so they can breathe properly.

Lumpini Park is well known for its large monitor lizard population. (Though a good number have been removed over the years). I managed to see one swimming in the lake at 46:28. You’ll also see a good number of crows. Check out 11:08 for a bunch of crows who are eyeing up a dog’s bowl of food.

Not a vlog. No talking. Just Bangkok. Pure and unedited.
Date: May 23, 2020. (Late afternoon, Saturday)
Temperature: 31°C / UV Index: Low
Equipment: GoPro Hero 8

Feel free to suggest an area in Bangkok for me to walk around.

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