September 22, 2020

Thonglor Bangkok (Sukhumvit Soi 55), which can also be spelled as Thong Lo, is one of my favorite sois in the city for eating and drinking. The standard of food at many of the restaurants is excellent. Though it does have to be said that the prices are mostly on the expensive to very expensive end as rent is so high in the area. No matter what you want to eat, Thonglor has you covered. From Indian food at Masla Art to Spanish food at Arroz to American food at Tribeca. It’s a foodies paradise. Thonglor also has a lot of bars, clubs, cool community hang-out spots, and of course shopping.

When I left the house the sky was grey and I was fully expecting to be in the middle of a thunderstorm during my walk. As you’ll see, this was far from the case and it turned out to be a lovely day. The rain though came later. And it was really heavy rain. Thankfully I was back at home though!

On a typical late Sunday morning/early Sunday afternoon Thonglor is extremely busy with the Sunday brunch crowd. I haven’t seen the place look so deserted! Being honest though I haven’t been to Thonglor for brunch for quite some time. You’ll also notice that there are still lots of closed shops. With this said, slowly Bangkok is coming back to life. By the time this video is published the massage shops should be open. We’ll see…

‘Suan Khru Angoon’ (or Teacher Angoon Park). A must check out spot on Thonglor, Bangkok!

In case you’re wondering the organic farmers’ market at 07:48 is at the front of Thonglor Soi 3. The space is known as ‘Suan Khru Angoon’ (or Teacher Angoon Park). This spot is a nice place to take young kids as it’s well shaded and there’s a decent amount of features for them to explore. An on-site charity shop sells a variety of secondhand items, including appliances, home goods, and kids and baby gear. There’s also a small cafe that offers coffee, food, drinks, and desserts. An “iSalad” corner sells fresh organic produce as well. All the proceeds from these ventures help support the work of the Mirror Foundation. Note. I did a video on the Mirror Foundation here. You can learn more about the park, which is probably the smallest of Bangkok’s parks, here.

To close, an interesting fact about Thonglor that I just came across. ‘Thong Lo’ (Thai: ทองหล่อ) literally translates as ‘molten gold’. Its name comes from that of a naval officer, Thonglo Khamhiran, a member of the Khana Ratsadon (People’s Party), a 1932 revolutionary group. He owned land and houses in the area.

Not a vlog. No talking. Just Bangkok. Pure and unedited.
Date: May 31, 2020. (Late morning, Sunday)
Temperature: 33°C / UV Index: Extreme
Equipment: GoPro Hero 8

If you enjoyed checking out Thonglor, Bangkok feel free to suggest an area in Bangkok for me to walk around.

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